Health and wellness have, throughout the period of human kind’s existence, been an issue of concern. It has always been a problem and something that humanity will have to keep fighting. Humanity has of course also employed different means to mitigate against the problem of illnesses and diseases.

The best we can do for ourselves is to commit to habits and lifestyles that promote health and wellbeing. Without doubt, a lot of efforts have been put in through centuries and millenniums to aid this.

The best we can do is contribute our own quota.

In light of this, Herbal T Bliss has, in a bid to contribute its own quota to the war against diseases; made it a commitment to provide tested and trusted natural remedies and preventive herbs to help alleviate the prevalence of diseases in people’s bodies.

The highest motivation that keeps Herbal T Bliss moving is seeing people live healthy and well through the intake of offered solutions, using natural teas that are based on 100% organic plants which are ethically sourced and medically proven before being released for public consumption.

The whole journey to making herbal teas available started when Melissa had her first cup of English breakfast tea. This was made by her husband after the delivery of their twins. The feeling was soothing and left her with an ever-rising passion to commit herself to making organically sourced teas available to aid health and wellbeing.

I remember this moment as if it was yesterday; ever so blissful! I thoroughly enjoyed my T… It soon enough became a daily ritual for me as well as exploring other T’s, and the benefits that came with them! I get told I drink too much T , but that’s ok… because each one of my T♡ serve a purpose and gives me what I feel I need throughout the day. The importance of Organic products goes without saying for me and my family. We need to reward our bodies with nothing but the best.’

Stay glued to us as we take you through the journey of health and wellbeing.

At Herbal T Bliss, we are about health and wellbeing and not to mention, pure Bliss.