Man Tea - The Protein and Health Benefits

If you were told the history of Tea, your level of astonishment would probably hit the roof. You see, the Tea you now take with Bread for breakfast or brunch wasn't originally meant for that purpose. It was a medicinal drink, a herbal drink. Some people even mix Milo and Peak Milk in this age and time and call it Tea. That's not Tea at all. Thousands of years ago, Tea started in Southwest China. According to history, in 2737 BC, a particular Chinese emperor named "Shen Nung."

Shen Nung was sitting beneath a tree while watching one of his servants boil drinking water. Suddenly, some leaves from the tree fell into the water. Since he was a renowned herbalist, he decided to put his brain to work by trying the infusion that his servant had accidentally created. That tree was a Camellia sinensis, and the resulting drink is what we now call Tea. In the early 16th Century, the West began to adopt Tea drinking through Portuguese priests, followed by the British in the 17th Century, and now, here you are about to find out more information about our Man Tea.

The Man Tea consists of 5 significant Tea Variants. They are Organic English Breakfast T, Organic Super Food Chai T, Organic Sencha Green T, Bliss Sleepy Time T, and Organic Peppermint T. We shall elucidate on each, one after the other, just so you can see if this is the Tea you have been looking for. Our Organic English Breakfast T is a fine mixture of Assan and Ceylon Black Tea. If you want that active feeling all day long ; That very energetic feeling, then this should be your choice. It is made from the finest of organic ingredients without any form of preservatives or artificial flavours.



The Organic Super Food Chai T, as its name implies is Super. This is what you need to jumpstart your day. All the ingredients are 100% organic from Chai spices, Black tea blend, Turmeric pieces and Australian shelled hemp seed. This mixture will activate your brain, reduce blood pressure and even make you lose unnecessary weight. However, it's not suitable for all types of individuals like pregnant women.



Our Organic Sencha Green Tea is quite different from the regular Green Tea due to the fact that its major ingredient is The Famous Japanese Sencha leaves. You can only imagine the level of benefits this Tea would do in your body system. It works for all sorts of heart diseases, cancer, blood pressure, and plenty more. This is the kind of drink you should take every night before going to bed.



Our Bliss Sleepy Time Tea is the perfect Tea for you after a long day at work. The word 'Sleepy' there is not for fun. Its ingredients include Chamomile flowers, Lemon balm leaf, Passionflower, Lavender flowers and Scullcap leaf. If you have trouble sleeping, you would be thankful you bought this Tea.



If you are a big fan of Menthol, Our Organic Peppermint T is just right for you. This Tea is designed to pamper your mouth with Fresh breath. Now that you've seen it all, Which one has attracted your attention? Waste no time in placing your order. Also, kindly follow us across our Facebook and Instagram Channels.

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