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Herbal T Bliss

Organic Peppermint T

Organic Peppermint T

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Afternoon T Bliss!

Aroma so heavenly, taste so blissful!

This is yet another thoughtful innovation from Herbal T Bliss. Organic Peppermint T is peppermint just the way you like it, with its sharp scent, aura of freshness, the seemingly mentholated cooling it comes with that makes your mouth feel pampered.

Organic Peppermint T is packed with lots of health benefits. From fresh breath, to ensuring your digestive upsets are relieved, helping to raise your energy levels, to giving you a restful night sleep, plus lots more!

Organic Peppermint T it is! It is just the perfect go-to tea after lunch.

Our peppermint tea contains:

  • 100% organic peppermint leaf.


Pour 2g (a teaspoon) of tea into a 250ml cup of hot boiled water.

Allow to sit for 5 minutes.

Strain and enjoy the heavenly and blissful feel it gives!

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