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Mellow Mint HeartburnT

Mellow Mint HeartburnT

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Regularly feel uncomfortable with your tummy and have reflux?

No more worries! Mellow Mint Heartburn T to the rescue!

Having heartburn is an uncomfortable feeling you have right in the middle of your upper chest. It feels like hot chills have been injected into your body.

It can be a result of various lifestyles, but not a feeling to have for an extended time period. Herbal remedies have been proven to be among the top solutions to reflux.

Mellow Mint Heartburn T when taken, gives a soothing and relieving feeling from your mouth straight to the chest region, and gives an almost instant release that brings ease and calmness to your body and soul. Its scent leaves serene notes that make your whole being feel relaxed and secure.

Our Mellow Mint Heartburn T contains the following ingredients:

  • Organic spearmint leaf
  • Organic raspberry leaf
  • Organic marshmallow root
  • Organic chamomile flowers
  • Organic lemon balm leaf.

Mellow Mint Heartburn T is generally safe for family consumption.


Infuse a teaspoonful of tea in a cup of hot boiled water; allow sitting for 3 to 5 minutes.

Strain and enjoy the soothing feeling it gives with family and loved ones.

Try out Mellow Mint Heartburn T today and wave acid reflux goodbye!

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