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Pure Green Matcha T

Pure Green Matcha T

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All shades of goodness in a cup of tea!

What if you could prevent cancer, burn calories, keep a healthy heart as well as stay active and alive all day just by drinking a cup of tea?

Pure Green Matcha T is derived from the finest of farms, and has been meticulously prepared to give you all shades of green tea benefits.

Why Pure Green Matcha T?

  • Rich in catechins which serve as a natural antioxidant.
  • Helps to reduce the chances of liver diseases
  • Contains L-theanine which promotes alertness and counters the side effects of caffeine.
  • May help to prevent the growth and spread of cancer in the body.
  • Aids weight loss by boosting the metabolism level.
  • Easy to prepare and poses no threats to your body!
  • Aids digestion, hence prevents constipation and other related disorders.
  • A better alternative to coffee!


Serve Hot.

½ teaspoon of Pure Green Matcha T.

Whisk with hot boiled water until you see a froth.

Ensure the blend is nice and smooth.


Serve Cold

Add Pure Green Matcha to your protein shakes, smoothies or juices.

Our tea is 100% organic.

Who wouldn’t love the extraordinary PURE GREEN MATCHA T?

Get yours here!

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